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Anchor Leadership Academy (ALA) is a Christian Junior and Senior School that is committed to partnering with families to provide a comprehensive education using British International Curriculum (IGCSE).


Born to lead


Transforming Lives in Africa and beyond through Anchored Leaders.


Developing the next generation of anchored leaders through training and equipping the learners with life’s transforming biblical principles, practices, essential skills, and dynamic educational approaches.

Core Values


Why Anchor Leadership academy


Clarity of Purpose

To develop Anchored Leaders who will be life-transforming agents: in Families, Business, Government, and other sectors.


Our Curriculum & Co-curricular Programs

They are well thought out and designed to help the student explore their God-given talents and express their full potential.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is Born to Lead in their area of gifting. We are dedicated to help every child realize their full potential.


The ALA Team

We are sold out and ready for the Mission that God has called us into. The team is composed of qualified, passionate, God-fearing educators and organizational partners with diverse experiences and expertise to draw from.


The Final Product

Every son/daughter enrolled at ALA will be handed back to the family and the society having been transformed into an Anchor Leader.



Anchor Leadership Academy is located in a serene environment at Nairobi Grace Chapel. In addition to clean, spacious, and adequate learning rooms, every learner experience care and love that provides a suitable social environment to thrive.


Our Teaching & Learning Approaches

We provide a comprehensive college preparatory education from a Biblical worldview in a Christ-centered environment.
We place an equal emphasis on the academic excellence and the spiritual development of students. This distinction guides our curricula as we seek to help students develop a Biblical worldview and integrate our faith into the various disciplines of study.


Flexibility in Our Program Delivery

The learners have options to study Online, Offline, or blend the two modes of study. This makes the program suitable for parents and guardians whose work requires them to travel with their children among other factors including preference


Great Meals

Anchor Leadership Academy is keen to develop the learners in all aspects. Their physical body needs are well taken care of with selected recipes prepared by an experienced chef.

Anchor Leadership academy

Anchor Leadership academy

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