Anchor Leadership Academy

Anchor Leadership Academy (ALA) is a Christian Junior and Senior School that is committed to partnering with families to provide a comprehensive education using British International Curriculum (IGCSE and A Levels ).

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Welcome note from the Principal

Hello, Welcome to the Anchor Leadership Academy website.
At Anchor Leadership Academy, we not only give students an education and experience that set them up for success in a career, but we also equip them with the essential life anchors. We challenge our students to discover a field they are enthusiastic about and dare to lead it. Our objective is that a family will partner with us in raising their son or daughter, and we will give back to them an anchor leader.

Curriculum Overview

Anchor Leadership Academy follows an adapted British National Curriculum for the academic instruction at all levels.
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Junior High School
(iLower Secondary)

The learners at junior high school are prepared through a rigorous academic program.
ALA_Senior_High _school

Senior High School
(O Level)

The learners at this level are prepared to get ready for the O-level examination that culminates with the students

AS/A Levels (IAL)

This is a college preparatory program that prepares the student to join a college or a university

Some of our amazing moments

Our Co-curricular Activities

Tech Skills/Coding Sessions

We're proud to teach coding, arming students with essential skills for the future.


Our swimming program provides top-notch training and nurtures a love for all things aquatic.


At our school, passion for athletics is celebrated, and students have the freedom to choose their favorite sports.


Our daily program


Devotional program

Our school’s daily program commences with a thoughtfully crafted Devotional (Spiritual Growth and Development) Program. This integral part of our curriculum aims to nurture the spiritual well-being of our students and foster a sense of inner peace, moral values, and ethical principles.
Through a variety of activities such as prayers, meditation, inspirational readings, and discussions on various spiritual traditions, our students have the opportunity to cultivate their inner growth, enhance their empathy and compassion towards others, and develop a strong moral compass that will guide them throughout their lives.

Education program

Following the Devotional Program, our school’s dynamic student-centered Academic Program takes center stage, placing a strong emphasis on achieving intellectual excellence. At our institution, we believe that education is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about cultivating critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a lifelong love for learning.
Our academic program is designed to challenge and engage students at every level, providing them with a stimulating and supportive learning environment. We have a team of dedicated and passionate educators who employ innovative teaching methodologies, incorporating technology, project-based learning, and collaborative activities to enhance student engagement and foster a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Skill-oriented training

The third section of our daily program entails;
Mondays: Entrepreneurship Skills Class. Tuesdays: Physical Fitness Training session Wednesday: Technology Skills Training Class Thursday: Music & Language classes Friday: Reflective Journal/Counseling & Students’ led Sporting Activities During the School Holiday: Community Service

Academy Calendar 2023/2024

Ultimate Tech Camp

Learn Mobile App Development 📱 and IoT 🌐 with industry experts.

Starting 14th - 18 Aug 2023